They like me! They really like me!



Worth every penny!
I feel like I lose ten pounds every time you're here.
Whitefish Bay
Many, many MANY kudos to Lisa who has an enviable ability to be super-efficient while remaining relaxed.  And a great sense of humor which was a welcome relief.
I left Lisa alone, grabbed some coffee, ran some errands and came back to a new closet. I was convinced I was in the wrong home.  When I left, it looked like a goodwill drop off bin. When I returned, it was a department store.
Whitefish Bay
I am so grateful! My good friend and colleague, Lisa Blue, has helped me out in many ways! I can always rely on her to help me out. She knows just what to do….and how to do it! Whether it is my closet, my wardrobe or my office! Once I tell her what I’m having trouble with she begins to “work her magic” and somehow manages to get me sorted out! When she is finished there is a place for everything and everything is in it’s place. It is right where I can find it! Lisa is charming and witty….and incredibly smart! She is easy to work with. I can’t recommend Lisa highly enough! Call her, talk with her and tell her what you need…or at least what the trouble is. She will help you out! You will be so glad that you did!
Lisa is a natural, professional organizer whom I was very comfortable having in my home. First, she established a compassionate and trusting relationship with me. I was comfortable sharing 'the mess' I had in a second bedroom. Lisa has a beautiful, simple, organized home. She was able to visualize creative ideas that suit my personality and decor for my space needs. She took time taking pictures of ideas and presenting them. I enjoy working with Lisa and continue to find projects to work together. Lisa's organizational service's benefits are multi-dimensional. 


Efficient no nonsense organized thoughtful
Whitefish Bay


I had several moments today when I was thanking my lucky stars about you. The most notable was that I realized there was a small door in the backyard that I wanted to secure with a hook. In the past — I would have started by looking for a hook. I would have said — “I’ll bet I have one.” Maybe it’s in the hardware box in the garage? Or the one in the kitchen on the floor of the cupboard? Or maybe its in the basement. Or maybe upstairs in the drawers. I would have overturned every spot where there might be hardware looking for it — leaving all the above sites with hardware containers or similar spread throughout the space.

Then, not having found it, I would have had to go to Home Depot. When at home depot, I would have noted several other items that I thought would be good to have — batteries, light bulbs, tape etc. I would have spent $50 just on a trip for a hook. I then would have gotten home and there would have been a bag on the counter with the Home Depot materials for about 4 days. Then I would have fixed the door. Then I would have been tired from all that effort and decided that I would straighten up the hardware boxes later. Then I would have felt bad about myself for living such a cluttered life.

Instead, I walked into the basement and looked in the box that has hardware. I found the item i needed right away. I took it out and put away the box. Then I found the screwdriver where I knew it would be. I repaired the door. I put away the screwdriver. It took 6 min and cost me nothing.  
  Then I spent a full min thinking about how much you have improved my life.